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Our Mission

To build welcoming and restorative spaces within the natural beauty of the Highland Rim of Central Tennessee that provide a place for people to relax, reconnect, celebrate and live their best lives.


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You will hear plenty of big fish stories here in Tennessee. Here's ours...

Meet Cliff :: Owner and Mastermind behind Highland Rim Retreats


Cliff Davidson, Highland Rim Retreats.jpg

Cliff Davidson first fell in love with the beauty and southern hospitality of Central Tennessee when his family moved here in mid 1970's.  After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Cliff traveled for a few years before returning to Tennessee to start a company building homes.  Over the years his company would grow, shifting increasingly towards green building and sustainable technologies including a focus on concrete construction techniques and applications.  In the most recent years, Cliff has researched and embraced the ICF (insulated concrete form) technology for his construction projects (including those at Long Branch Lakes) as it delivers dramatic advantages in structural integrity, sustainable resources and energy conservation. Currently,  Davidson Concrete Pumping Services  


In  2009, Cliff begun working with Thumbprint Developers, the creators of a new community project near Fall Creek Falls State Park named Long Branch Lakes.  Initially, Cliff and his team were contracted to build various structures at Long Branch Lakes, including the community‚Äôs docks, bridges, and pavilions.  This partnership continued when Cliff was ask to construct the Condominiums at Trout Hill, luxury residences tailored to the rustic surroundings.  Additionally, Cliff purchased a homesite within Long Branch Lakes building his craftsman's dream, The Preserve.  The Condos at Trout Hill were finished in the spring of 2010 but the weak housing market slowed sales.  Looking to attract guests and buyers to see the properties, the properties were marketed as vacation rentals - welcoming curious travelers from all over to the wonder and beauty of the Highland Rim.  Sure enough, a few months later the vacation rental bug had taken hold.  Wanting to share his Central Tennessee home of more than three decades with as many people as possible, Cliff started Highland Rim Vacation Rentals in 2011, which shortly thereafter became Highland Rim Retreats in an effort to be more inclusive of the companies goals and various services.


Cliff currently resides in McMinnville with his wife Lisa and two teenage boys, Jake and Drew.  He's an avid outdoorsman, with too many hobbies to count.  More often than not, you are likely to run into Cliff while en route to a job site, visiting one of his properties, or enjoying a local festival or concert with Lisa.    


Today, our vacation rentals host hundreds of travelers, guests and friends to the Highland Rim every year.  In addition, we are proud to offer professional vacation property management for other properties located in central Tennessee.  Our mission is to build welcoming and restorative spaces within the natural beauty of the Highland Rim of Central Tennessee that provide a place for people to relax, reconnect, celebrate and live their best lives.    


We hope to share this mission with you and your family very soon.



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